The Prism

When art awakens the soul.

Creating an immersive digital platform


Website, Ecommerce, 3D Experience





The Challenge

Representing an abstract artistic universe

“The Prism” was born from the idea of Stefano Simontacchi, an artist who created a path in which it is possible to rediscover oneself, purify oneself and achieve psychophysical well-being through works.

The request to strengthen the digital presence of the artist at his debut took place at the same time as the first Exhibition: Project Revelation. The main challenge was to translate abstract concepts into a tangible visual experience, while remaining within the defined creative limits.

The Solution
A digital platform that combines aesthetics and functionality

We created a platform that communicated and showed the true essence of The Prism, presenting the author’s works and telling their deepest meaning.

In addition, we have integrated a ticketing system into the website, to allow visitors to book their slots in advance, paying attention to an organized and efficient user experience.

The creation of the virtual experience

The path of collaboration with The Prism continues. We are creating an immersive “Virtual Experience”, a digital museum always present on the website.

The user will have the opportunity to make a spiritual journey in a three-dimensional space, within which they can move and admire the works. The main objective is to replicate the sensations that the latter can only transmit live.

Impact generated

Cultural Dissemination

Media resonance and
artist promotion

Greater influx to the exhibition

This project is a winner of the CSS DESIGN AWARDS

Pasquale Gallo

Success Manager

Stefano Carlini

Product Lead

Ermete Salvatore

Wordpress Developer

Giulio Tiseo

3D Developer

Carlo Angeletti

Team Lead

Stefano Carlini

UX/UI Designer

Sara Mastrantonio

3D Artist

Francesco Baldassini

Frontend Developer

“From day 0 we have followed an iterative process, which is still ongoing: the product is constantly changing to adapt to new design choices, transforming itself from a simple promotion of the exhibition into a real showcase for the works and the artist.”

Stefano Carlini

Product Lead – Humans

Towards a greater dissemination and understanding of the art

We were privileged to digitally shape The Prism’s artistic vision, bringing its art to a wider audience.
The goal of perfectly harmonizing functionality and aesthetics has been an intriguing path of challenges and creativity.

Do you have a similar challenge?

“Thank you for accepting the challenge. Challenge won! Thank you for the work done and for the time dedicated to this project that is constantly evolving and that will lead us to face new challenges, of course we will win those too!”

Luca Contini

The prism Communications Manager

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