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2023 – Ongoing

The Challenge

Revolutionizing AI-Product Integration

aiXplain offers businesses a vast suite of powerful AI assets. In the era of rapid prototyping, it is positioning itself in the market with Bel Esprit, the world’s first AI solutions architect, as well as offering a no-code development platform and integrated optimization tools.

Upstream of the partnership, the desire to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using their pipelines.

AiXplain presented us with three main needs:

1. Creation and validation of the product in a short time

Define a clear roadmap to pigeonhole ideas and create a concrete and innovative MVP, shaping AI models. All this through an iterative validation process, which included monthly releases aimed at adding new features.

2. Open source availability for the Community

After the creation and management of the product, make it usable for developers, so that it could act as a “guide” for further developments.

3. Simplified access for general users

Offer, at a later date, a simplified solution “out of the box” of the product, accessible and easily downloadable even by users without technical skills.

Innovate to inspire: open source tools based on AI models

In a spirit of collaboration, driven by a shared mission, we have created two open source solutions, evolved from iteration to iteration:

  • An AI Chatbot, a versatile tool that can be easily incorporated into any website. Integrate an AI generation model, with text to speech integration and vice versa (the result of the challenging union of several AI models, in the absence of a single pipeline);
  • A summarization and transcription tool: generates an automated summary and a transcription of the recorded meeting. It supports any web conferencing tool such as Google Meet and Zoom and any audio/video file, through a model trained to recognize the voice and transcribe it. Generate a summary of the meeting, making content review quicker and easier. It automatically recognizes speakers, allowing you to rename them and join or separate their speaking parts.

Both solutions are available on GitHub, demonstrating the perfect usability of AI technologies in different production contexts. With the goal of inspiring developers to create even bolder innovations.

Impact generated

Greater accessibility to AI, facilitating its adoption and use in different contexts

Encouraging collaboration and sharing know-how

Optimisation of listening times and transcription of meetings and greater operational efficiency


Mario De Santis

Success Manager

Manuel Fontana

Product Lead

Diego Palmegiani

Backend Web Developer

Manuel Fontana

Team Lead

Andrei Vaduva

UX/UI Designer

Alessia Patrizi

Frontend Developer

“The collaboration with AiXplain has opened new frontiers in the exploration of artificial intelligence. We had access to advanced tools, helping to further refine their platform with real use cases and timely feedback.”

Manuel Fontana

Product Lead – Humans

Simplifying Complexity: The Power of Collaboration and Innovation

We started from small steps, tested the solutions quickly and collected valuable feedback at every step, guided by a clear goal: to create useful resources for the community.

We followed an iterative and transparent approach, which laid the foundation for long-term impact and collaboration.

Do you have a similar challenge?

“At aiXplain, we believe that the future of artificial intelligence lies in open collaboration. This belief has led us to partner with Italian software company to make AI solutions more easily accessible through real-world use cases and applications.”

Nur Hamdan

Product Manager – AiXplain

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