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28-34k (based on experience)

Front-end Middle Developer – React

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We are in a phase of explosive growth and we have the honour of collaborating with some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Within our clientele, we also have some FAANGs (if the term is new to you, it is an acronym used to describe the most important companies in the US technology sector), whose global recognition is synonymous with excellence in the sector. Every day we are called to solve complex problems, trying to simplify them through the development of structured code without compromising.

We are looking for a Senior Back-end Developer Node to join the Team and help create new digital experiences. An enthusiastic person, passionate about technology, who loves to be constantly updated on industry trends and who never tires of discovering, learning and transmitting his knowledge.

As a Back-end Middle Developer:

You will develop client-side projects, using the latest digital technologies, keeping up with those that will come in the near future.

You will have to maximise your mastery of Javascript skills to create projects with attention to the smallest details, with clean and maintainable code.

You will be involved in defining the design by providing technical input to the UX/UI Team.

You will be challenged to use solutions that offer high performance and safety, always taking into account project requirements.

Hard skills
  • Advanced knowledge of the React.js (v16+) library: lifecycle, built-in hooks and composition patterns;
  • Ability to create complex layouts in CSS;
  • Knowledge of Modern CSS tools (e.g. styled component, JSS);
  • Advanced knowledge of the JS language in its latest versions (ES6+);
  • Ability to interface with APIs according to rest & WS standards;
  • Experience in cross-browser and cross-platform development;
  • Knowledge of SSG & SSR web design patterns;
  • Experience in the advanced use of the main package managers for Node (e.g. NPM, yarn);
  • Ability to use versioning systems (GIT), branching best practices and commit conventions;
  • Good professional knowledge of written and spoken English;
  • Italian native speaker.
Nice to have
  • Development experience in Node.js or equivalent;
  • Development experience with other libraries/frameworks (e.g. Next.js, Gatsby.js);
  • Experience with e2e testing libraries (Jest, react-testing-library, Playwright);
  • Experience in using Sketch with skills in User Experience Design;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
Corporate benefits

Full-Time Employment Contract & Career Opportunities

Coffee & Water 24/7, 
Ticket Restaurant

Competitive wages
Salary commensurate with experience

Bonuses & Incentives based on corporate and individual performance

R&D projects on the latest technologies

Supplementary Employee Healthcare Assistance Fund

Hybrid work commensurate with experience

Dedicated Apple Workstation

Training: courses, webinars, events, books and documentation

What you should know before applying:

At we work by objectives, which makes us incredibly flexible, but also very demanding.
Every day we push all the members of our Team to go beyond their limits, because we firmly believe that only in this way can we achieve results that exceed initial expectations.
We don’t expect to have all the answers ready. For us, the secret lies in the ability to ask the right questions and have critical thinking.

Ours is a workshop for those who love to innovate and challenge themselves with colleagues who share the same vision. The high retention rate of our Humans is a testament to our commitment to creating a stimulating and rewarding environment for each individual.
We cultivate excellence, but we know that absolute perfection in human processes does not exist. 
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Check out frequently asked questions about our recruiting process.

We encourage you not to be automatically excluded – submit your application anyway!
If you are a young developer at the beginning, know that every year we launch a new edition of our Hdemy. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for the opportunity to join our team with all the basic skills we look for in our Junior candidates.

Our selection process may vary depending on the role.
However, it usually starts with a screening of your resume, followed by a short phone interview.
Subsequently, a meeting with a head of the HR department is scheduled, who will give you a complete overview of our work approach and the philosophy that guides This will be followed by a Challenge that will help us assess your talent, attitude to challenges and ability to solve complex problems. If the challenge is successful, we will proceed with the final steps.

As a rule, the selection process can take three to four weeks to complete.
The timing depends largely on the readiness and commitment with which the candidate participates in the various phases of the selection process.

Yes, absolutely! We are always looking for new and promising Humans. In case you are not in line with the positions currently open, you can still apply and then we will understand how to proceed.

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